Hey there Wally Followers…

It’s been a busy Fall, Winter and Spring for Wally’s Little Helper…

I haven’t been as diligent with the Wally project as I should be, mainly because I’ve been barrelling down the hill into motherhood like Wally barrels down the hill.  Two weeks after I left on the second leg of my Wally tour last year, I discovered that my fiance and I were expecting our first child.  I didn’t mention it beforehand because it was still so early on, but now I’m happy to announce that I have a new son named Raven, who makes my world a better place.  He’ll be seven weeks old on Tuesday.

Anyway, blogging wasn’t necessarily the first thing on my mind these past months, but I’m going to try to pick it up a bit.

In November, Wally got the great news that Whistler/Blackcomb had decided to pick up the book, and has been sold on both mountains and ski shops since.  I think the sales have been a bit better in the Valley than on the hill, so if you’re on the hill, it would be great if you wanted to pick it up from one of the mountaintop shops.

Sales in Whistler Valley have been great!  Armchair books continues to sell Wally like hotcakes,  and the Whistler/Blackcomb ski shops are doing well too.  Wally’s also available in Whistler at the Oracle, the Whistler Museum, and Whoola Toys.

In Vancouver Wally found his way into a fantastic little toy store on Commercial Drive called Dilly Dally.  It has amazing toys for kids of all ages, with a focus on hand made and wooden toys, and fantastic displays.  If you’re on the Drive, you should definitely check it out.

I was disappointed to find out that Wally didn’t make it into the running of the BC Book Awards finalists, but I wish all the finalists the best of luck and look forward to finding out who won at the winners gala in April.

I was also disappointed to check the Vancouver Kidsbooks website a while back and realize that they had taken Wally off the site.  According to the owner, it’s still there, but I haven’t been able to find it in any of my searches.  They sold almost 40 copies last year, so I’m surprised that they took it down, but she assured me that it’s still available to order from their website, so if anyone wanted to order it online from them, it’s still there even though it doesn’t appear to be.

Apart from that, I’ve been spending my time finishing up my new book, Tippet the Whippet of the North.  It’s written in the same style as Wally and focuses on a skinny little dog trying to find his place in a Northern community.  If all goes according to plan, it should be available for purchase within the next few months.  I have a few paintings left to complete, then editing and the publishing process, and hopefully i can find time in between Mommy duties.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll work hard on keeping more up to date!

Wally’s Little Helper


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